Board of Alderman

The City of Kurten is a Type B general law city with the aldermanic form of government. There are 5 aldermen and a mayor, all of whom are elected at-large. Kurten holds elections in November and use a two year alternating term.

The 2015 elected officials and term end dates are:

Mayor Ronnie Vitulli – 2017
Melanie Estes – Mayor Pro-tem - 2018
Mel Sargeant – Alderman - 2018
Gordon Klintworth – Alderman - 2017
Phillip Mundine– Alderman - 2018
Nancy Lindahl – Alderman – 2017

Planning & Zoning Commission

Melanie Estes – Chairperson
Sue Toland
Mel Sargeant


Board of Adjustment

Jim Vitulli
Mike Kristynik
Bobby Kurten
Jimmy Kurten
Larry West